What Kids Really Need from their Dad


This DVD describes what kids need from their dads. It discusses the importance of telling kids you love them unconditionally, how to make them feel special and how to encourage them at school.

It is primarily intended for use by schools eg. to be shown by parents groups, school leaders, school counsellors and/or chaplains as a stimulus for discussion and further reading. It is also ideal for use in workplaces, in community groups e.g. churches and sporting clubs. It is also useful for individuals at home, including fathers and father-figures who cannot, or choose not to attend group functions.

The video is the product of research conducted by The Fathering Project of the University of Western Australia and the Edith Cowan University and is also based on other published research, which show that in contrast to mothers who are usually quite involved in children’s lives, education and health matters fathers are usually not very involved, despite being strong potential influencers. This research also shows that father-absence has a major negative impact on education (eg. on attitude to school, truancy and bullying), health (more drug addiction, depression, cigarette smoking) and crime. The cost of this problem to the Australian community is estimated to be over $12 billion per year, so this intervention could save many millions of dollars each year.

The video was professionally produced and directed and has undergone extensive review by groups of fathers, father figures and mothers of school students plus groups of school teachers, psychologists, social workers, pastors and youth workers.

The rest of the team and advisory group is comprised of educationalists, psychologists, social workers and community members.

This DVD was developed in partnership with MACSIS Publishing.

To find out more about this DVD or to order copies visit The Fathering Project or email enquiries@thefatheringproject.org.