The Blue Book of Tips for Fathers and Father-Figures


This booklet contains tips and ideas for dads (including separated dads) plus father figures (eg. grandfathers, step fathers, youth leaders, uncles, teachers, pastors and coaches). They are only suggestions & won’t suit everyone.

Most mothers are aware that fathers, and father figures, are important in every child’s life, boy or girl, and have therefore encouraged distribution of this booklet.

The 31 pages of tips represent one for each day of the month to dip into, eg when drinking coffee, in the toilet, commuting or in a traffic jam. Maybe keep a few copies.

This booklet is small (so it will fit into a wallet, pocket, glovebox etc) & thus cannot cover everything, so a list of books and websites which contain more detailed information is included, with most of them referenced in the text.

The tips in this booklet have come from over 1000 hours of interviews with over 400 people conducted by the author on 6 continents, from published research & books and from parenting, education and health professionals.


  1. What your children need
  2. How to make time for your kids
  3. Helping their education
  4. Extra tips for separated dads
  5. Promoting a healthy life
  6. How to listen to your kids
  7. Values and beliefs
  8. Boys, girls, teenagers
  9. The power of father figures
  10. What fathers & father figures need
© 2007 Bruce Robinson. MACSIS Publishing; ISBN 978-0-9805134-1-7