Daughters and their Dads


In Daughters and their Dads, Dr Bruce Robinson explores the importance of fathers and father-figures in a girl’s life and the long-lasting effects those relationships have – whether they are good or bad.

Dr Robinson interviewed over 400 people including Test cricketers, Olympians, nurses, students, political leaders, Nobel Laureates, carpenters, prostitutes, prisoners, media personalities, musicians and five Australians of the Year.

The stories and quotes from these men and women reveal lots of novel strategies and ideas. They provide a unique insight into many different types of relationship.


  1. The importance of the father-daughter relationship
    Including for adult women and husbands
  2. The powerful role of father-figures
    Including who can be a father-figure
  3. Helping a girl to feel beautiful
    Including helping her love her body shape
  4. Building up her confidence
    Including handling mistakes and risks
  5. Helping her say ‘no’ to drugs
    Including how to handle peer pressure
  6. Encouraging her learning
    Including education, values and beliefs
  7. Teaching her how she can expect to be treated by a man
    Including talking about sex
  8. Making certain she realizes your love for her is unconditional
    Including showing love during discipline
  9. Becoming a better listener
    Including listening to her feelings
  10. Helping her realize how special she is
    Including her uniqueness and special future
  11. Dad dates and special trips
    Including taking her on work trips
  12. Overcoming blocks to good fathering
    Including separation and apologising
  13. Resolution for adult daughters
    Including healing, reconciliation and forgiveness